We started experimenting on topics such as the dissolution of rubber vulcanized on car glass and the cleaning of layers spread on glass at the request of Richard Fritz Kft. at the beginning of the year 2012. By autumn we had completed the whole technology, which resulted in big savings.  
We developed for GE Hungary Kft. RELEASE AGENT, which is a product, made of herbal ingredients and is used as a replacement for the form separator silicon spray. This product is spread onto the surface by means of our refillable aerosol bottle, ROAD CLEAR which stops the emission of harmful substances and reduces the amount of dangerous waste. RELEASE AGENT performs well when clearing welding gaps, cutting plastic and sponge, and experiments are in progress in the field of coinage and moulding. We also received the food industry quality label for this product.  

3rd Block I.
 Regular oscillation diagnosis examination reduces the risk of unexpected errors and helps you plan maintenance works better.
    Block II: When using our heat exchanger and cooling system products efficiency is improved by 10-60%, which means that less energy is consumed, and more money saved.

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